What We Do - We Provide Legal Services To Businesses And The Legal Sector

What We Do - We Provide Legal Services To Businesses And The Legal Sector

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What We Do And The Legal Service We Offer

At 43Legal we provide legal services to businesses including the legal sector.  The legal services we offer and the way in which we provide the legal services, is what makes 43Legal different to many other commercial law firms.  Above all, we concentrate upon providing the legal services that our clients require, in a way that helps support their business and in a manner that suits them, by offering a hands-on, no-nonsense approach.

How is 43Legal different?

Okay, let’s face it, how often do you hear lawyers say, “we’re different ….”?  But at 43Legal, we genuinely believe that we are!  Primarily, because of the way in which we offer and deliver legal services to our clients.  Each client has one point of contact, one person who knows their business and oversees their legal requirements, avoiding the disjointed and often costly approach offered by most law firms, which in turn alleviates the requirement to explain your business needs to various individuals within different departments just to get the legal services you need. 

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you find out that you don’t know it..”

We help our clients to identify legal issues, which they may not otherwise know exist, by working from within their business at a price that suits their needs – not necessarily on an hourly rate basis.  For example, we work as an integral part of their business, namely from within their management structure, the board of directors or as chief legal officer.  Most importantly, we work for our clients, helping to identify where the business is at risk and finding practical solutions to prevent the situation from becoming more serious and thus more expensive to resolve.  We recognise that we may not always be the solution, and if that’s the case, we will know someone who we like and trust that will be able to help.

We are on-hand when you need us…

Moreover, we are on-hand, at the end of the phone whenever needed.  We offer fixed-fee packages allowing our clients to ask questions as or when they arise, without the fear of not knowing what the cost will be.  Similarly, we understand that sometimes you just need to run something past someone, to ascertain how best to proceed and we fail to see why legal services should be any different.

When things go wrong….

And if things go wrong, as they do from time to time, we are also on hand to help guide the business through, what can often be the most disruptive of events – disputes.  Whether that be navigating through the Court process, arbitration or seeking to find a resolution by other means, namely negotiation or mediation.  We have extensive experience in dealing with and advising clients as regards external disputes as well as disputes that can arise internally between directors and shareholders, whether that be a fall out of opinion, or the need to effect change to ensure growth and to avoid procrastination. In short, we are on hand to help guide and steer the business and the individuals involved through whatever legal process necessary.

And for the Legal Sector….

Similarly, we also offer complaints management and compliance and practice manager services.  We understand that sometimes, things do go wrong.  For instance, a fall in service levels or negligent advice.  Therefore, we help solicitors to manage complaints by acting as a third-party complaints’ handler.  For example, we listen to their clients to ascertain what has occurred and liaise with the firm to try and find an amicable solution.

We also offer in-house compliance and practice manager services whereby we help manage compliance risk.  For instance, we can provide a second opinion or if there is insufficient capacity to meet demand, we can act as an extension of the firms existing compliance team.  In addition, we can also assist in terms of identifying and dealing with GDPR and SAR requests.

Ultimately, at 43Legal we are passionate about servicing our clients’ legal requirements in a manner that best suits their business needs.  Most importantly, by offering an affordable and hands-on approach, without the “faff”. 

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