Contentious Work - Fixed Fee

Contentious Work - Fixed Fee

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Dispute Resolution Fixed Fee Structure

Depending upon the nature of the dispute and the amount involved, our fixed fee structure falls within two distinct brackets *:-


Fixed Fee Small Claims Work – fixed fee structure for debt claims below £10,000

Please note, due to the amount involved, it is not always cost effective to engage legal representation for claims where the amount claimed is below £10,000.  These types of disputes are otherwise known as ‘small claims’ and are allocated to the Small Claims track within the Court process. Generally, except for a small contribution referred to as ‘fixed fees’, you will be unable to recover your legal fees even if you are successful.

Non-Defended Debt Claims*

Step one

Consideration of documentation checking invoice, contract and/or terms of business to ensure sufficient legal grounds to pursue the debt.  (Does not include advising on likely prospects)

£50 plus VAT

Step Two

Letter Before Action

£150 plus VAT

Step Three

Commencement of Court proceedings

£195 plus VAT, plus Court Fee

Step Four

Request Judgement in Default

£50 plus VAT

Defended Debt Claims*

Where the debt is defended, the above steps 1-3 plus 25% of the debt claimed (inclusive of interest and fixed fee under Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998 if appropriate). Includes negotiated settlement and/or part-payment of debt.

*Does not include recovery of debt.

NB: – VAT is charged in addition on all fees at the prevailing rate currently set at 20%

Monetary claims over £10,000

 NB: – VAT is charged in addition on all fees at the prevailing rate currently set at 20%

Initial consultation

capped at £450 plus VAT

to understand the background of what has occurred; what you want to achieve; the strategy you want to adopt and to provide our initial view

After the initial consultation if you wish to proceed

we will look to agree a fixed fee up front for each piece of work required based upon the needs/nature of the dispute or project.

Flexible fee arrangement to meet your needs, which may include for example:



A fixed fee, for each letter or piece of work as required based upon our hourly rates.



A fixed fee to encompass work for a specific stage e.g., pre- issue correspondence up to the commencement of Court proceedings.

Once proceedings have been issued, fixed fees for each stage of the proceedings based upon our hourly rates:- Pleadings, Disclosure, Witness statements, Expert Evidence, Mediation/ADR, Pre-Trial Preparation, Attending Trial. 


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