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Legal Services for Law Firms

Law firms are highly regulated, largely because solicitors and those regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (“SRA”) undertake enormous responsibility on behalf of their clients, whether that be handling often considerable sums of client money or advising on issues that could ultimately impede upon a person’s liberty.  Consequently, it is important that law firms and those providing legal advice are SRA compliant.  Not only do law firms therefore face similar exposure and risks as other commercial businesses, but they also have the added risk and exposure of adhering to SRA compliance. By providing legal services for law firms, 43 Legal can help you.

At 43Legal we offer various services to help law firms ensure that that they are SRA compliant, which includes assisting risk and compliance teams as well as providing risk prevention strategies, to help ensure that law firms have the correct policies and procedures in place to safeguard against any SRA compliance issues. In addition, we also help law firms to effectively manage client complaints, whether that be by providing practical and effective training to fee earners or providing outsourced complaint management services.  Either way, we are on-hand to help law firms to reduce the potential risk associated with being SRA compliant.


The legal services for law firms we provide are:

Compliance and Practice Manager Services

Our bespoke Compliance and Practice Manager Services, help provide assistance as regards risk and compliance issues to the legal sector.

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Virtual In-House Complaints Officer

Our Virtual In-House Complaints Officer services are designed to provide complaints handling and management services to the legal sector.

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