Reputational Risk and Damage Management

Reputational Risk and Damage Management

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Reputational Risk and Damage Management

Damage to reputation often arises as a result of defamation.  Defamation occurs where a false statement is made as though it was true, which causes injury or damage to the reputation of an individual or business.  This can occur either by way of a false statement being made in writing or when spoken.  Defamation and the potential risk posed as a result has become increasingly more commonplace following the digital age and people taking to posting reviews and comments on digital platforms including social media.

At 43 Legal we are aware that protecting your reputation and brand is becoming ever so more important. Often risk to your brand or reputation arise with very little warning and at 43 Legal we act promptly to take steps to remove any defamatory material as quickly as possible.

Social media is an important tool available to promote your business and is a valued method for posting positive feedback but likewise it can also be used as a means to try and cause reputational damage by posting malicious and defamatory information for everyone to see.

As such depending upon the content and the circumstances giving rise to the communication, we are at hand to act swiftly.  This often involves writing to the perpetrator requesting that the content is removed and demanding that no further information is posted moving forwards.  On other occasions, we are aware that sometimes it is not possible to necessarily identify the perpetrator or the circumstances are more involved and as such 43 Legal have valued and longstanding relationships with specialist barristers who we work with collaboratively, in order to achieve a speedy resolution to the issue in the most pragmatic and cost effective way possible.

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