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At 43 Legal we are passionate about helping businesses to not only strive but to thrive and prosper.  As a result, we work with companies in the role of non-executive director otherwise known as NED.

What is a Non-Executive Director (NED)?

Namely, as a NED we join the Board as a non-statutory director assisting and advising the board.  For example, we help advise the board in terms of dealing with and identifying project specific issues.  Alternatively we will help to drive change and create opportunities to further the overall profitability of the business.

What benefit can a Non-Executive Director (NED) offer to my business?

We have detailed below some of the ways that we can add value in our role as a NED:

Managing and identifying risk –For example, as a NED we will work with the Board and will become an integral part of your business working with you to identify any potential risk posed to the company.  As a result, we will help to identify and find solutions to minimise or reduce the risk involved.  In particular, we work within the business, to understand the way the business operates, in order to identify and devise solutions that fit the ethos and fundamental core principles of the company.

Project Specific – As a non-statutory director, we can assist the Board in terms of identifying issues, which may hinder the natural growth or stability of the company.  In addition, we identify solutions in order to help the company overcome obstacles, which may be hampering the overall progression and profitability of the company.  Furthermore, we are well versed in devising a plan to enable the company to get from A to B or even C in the most logical, cost effective and secure way possible. Most importantly, we listen first, analysis what is required and assess the risk involved in order to devise a strategy that meets the ethos and core values of the company.

Our Role as A Non-Executive Director – Within our role as a NED, we will assist the Board, in helping the company to identify and find solutions.  Firstly, depending upon what the company is looking to achieve, we will drill down into the detail in order to assess the risk and devise strategies.  For example we first seek to understand the business both in terms of its needs and how it functions, including the ethos, and the fundamental foundations that underpin the core values of the company.

In addition, we are equipped to analyse what is required and help the company find the solutions that are necessary to overcome the hurdles it faces.  Furthermore, in doing so, we often act as a ‘devil’s advocate’, asking questions in order to find the underlying issue.  For example, we look to build relationships whilst acting as a diplomat and “honest broker”.  For instance, we help to influence change if and/or where necessary.

Above all, we fundamentally value your business and your organisation.  As such your company is of the utmost importance to us.  Therefore, as lawyers, we have the skills and business acumen to help your business develop and strive to being the best it possibly can be.

Certainly, if you believe your company would benefit and you wish to know more about appointing 43Legal as a NED, please contact us to discuss matters further, to discuss our bespoke charging packages based upon your needs and requirements.

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