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At 43Legal we offer a variety of business legal services to help promote and secure businesses whatever the size.  Our commercial legal services enable us to provide legal advice in a different way to most modern law firms.  Our In-House Legal Counsel services allow us to work with you as an integral part of your business, identifying and managing legal risk-based issues to help promote and secure the foundations of your business and to manage and provide legal risk-based solutions.  Alternatively with our Dispute Resolution Services, we are on hand if things go wrong, to help guide you through the process of dealing with and resolving commercial disputes.

Our commercial legal services, enables us to work alongside your business to provide our specialist insight, whilst helping to support and advance your business in a cost effective way by utilising our flexible and bespoke fixed fee packages.  At 43Legal, our passion is to promote and support businesses, in an approachable and affordable way, that best suites the needs of our clients – not the lawyers.  Please feel free to check out the commercial legal services that we offer to businesses and see how we may be able to support and add value to your business.

The legal services we provide to businesses and individuals are:

Dispute Resolution Services

We help businesses to identify, resolve and manage the risk associated with a wide range of disputes that arise both internally and with third parties.

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Virtual In-House Legal Counsel

Our Virtual In-House Legal Counsel services enable us to work closely within your business, in order to identify, manage and provide legal based commercial solutions to help safeguard your business interests.

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Non-Executive Director

Our Non-Executive Director services enable us to work with your business as a non-statutory director, in order to assist in terms of identifying, and advising the company in terms of project specific issues, driving change or creating opportunities.

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